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  1. In the recent past, Nikola has started to show significant progress in validating their German-imported trucks with their liquid-hydrogen electric system with their alpha production. Despite the company’s very turbulent legacy, the people who after all is what the company consists of, have continued to lay the foundation selflessly for the brand.

    That being said, the innovation or profit horizon for this company continues to look grim.

  2. I remember reading the encouraging words of believing in the future, a reply Trevor Milton posted to a school teacher who “invested her life’s savings into NKLA,” in response to someone else above that tweet who didn’t believe the soda machine in the SUV Milton was selling was what real engineers thought about. Milton often put himself on par with Elon Musk, and claimed to be an innovator and defended against “haters and doubts” who didn’t see the future of what he’s building. I remember thinking how screwed that school teacher was, investing her life’s savings into a stock she theorized as “the next Tesla.” She was buying in the $40s… that was then.. now is

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