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Research, Analysis & Publication Schedule

General outline of the research, analysis and posts publication schedule currently in the works. Not all mentioned companies will be subject to investment or holding, however they have crossed our radar in one way or another. This list is somewhat incomplete, but comprehensive enough to capture all the different industry and emerging markets we’re looking at.

Companies to be added

  • TSLA
  • AMC (Maybe)
  • TuSimple
  • Lucid
  • Canoo
  • JAGX (for it’s natural derivative)
  • HON for it’s corporate culture, multi-disciplinary engineering and manufacturing capability, and expertise (including Hybrid Jet Propulsion Engines) & co growth
  • ARVL (for it’s unique micro-factory scale approach, automation and established UK-parent co)
  • RIOT (largest, coldest hemisphere) & BTBT (ESG certified) CoreScientific Hosting Farm & MARATHON DIGITAL (size) Computenorth Hosting Farm
    • It appears that it has become a horizontal structure rather than vertically integrated, being that hardware, water + electricity (utility regulation), geopolitical physical server location (hosting data centers) are best kept separate for carrying costs, over a public mining co, has the ability to spot market buy the hardware and mine through hosting companies, while having capital to purchase electricity, offset ESG and and preform hardware continent moves while running capacity else where. To some limits, the OFAC compliant blocks give smaller and independently owned operations and edge to win blocks, nonetheless not all large mining operations limit their block preference.
  • XPDI + Core Scientific Merge (mining hosting)
  • Merging Reverse NON-SPAC with Bitcoin Miner Greenidge Generation Holdings (Upstate NY)
  • DMLRY (and Detroit Diesel Corporation) & VLVLY (for well stacked for Class 8 truck +EV+ FSD+Supply Chain+Manufacturing capabilities)
  • PLTR (concerned for it’s Russian-government employeee ties, including initial investment in the startup)
  • Pagerduty (for it’s unique community, critical integration into emergency systems, and growing ecosystem)
  • SQ
  • SBUX
  • CMG (below 1600-1500 levels)
  • ARRY ?
  • CERS (unique critical medical industry position)
  • SNAP has already been added, with tag of XR, Meta (MTVS) Facebook (FB) Oculus and Horizon AR Platform is notable to explore.

Blockchain, the case for crypto

  • BTC (for it’s internet 1.0-like culture, large transaction capabilities & store of value – ie limited supply)
  • ETH2 (for it’s innovative engineering and L2 dapp DeFi accessibility and versatility)
  • ADA (for it’s scientific-based engineering approach, inclusive and open ecosystem and disenfranchised markets adoption culture)
  • DOT, LINK, DOGE (for it’s L2-driven solutions for the underlying blockchains they support respectively, while the latter for it’s sheer adoption and accessibility factor)
  • OCEAN protocol (monetized open data for the AI)

ETF/Industry to be added

  • Battery Manufacturing and Raw Material Mining
    • Iron Phosphate/Lithium Iron Phosphate, Etc.
    • Sodium-Ion Battery (CATL)
      • CATL
        Energy Density up to 160Wh/kg
        Battery Charge in 15 minutes to 80% SOC at room temperature
        -20 degrees Celsius capacity retention rate over 90%
        System Integration Efficiency over 80%
        Sodium-ion batteries accelerate early realization of the goal of carbon neutrality (ESG?)
      • CATL industrial deployment of sodium-ion batteries and plans to form a basic industrial chain by 2023.”The next generation of sodium-ion batteries’ energy density development target is to exceed 200Wh/kg,” CATL Chairman Robin Zeng said.
    • UUUU (Vanadium-based battery tech)
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing & Overlying ETFs (SOXL, SOXQ, FTXL, NXPI, BYDDY, ON, Etc)
  • Quantum Computing (D-Systems and associated Venture Firms) & Artificial Intelligence (and ETFs)

Investment thoughts to be added

  • Teams only move as fast as their least capable counterparts
  • Investing into intrinsic value, underlying asset, should the cash-flow go to 0 tomorrow — what do you really own?
  • The Knight in the Castle theoretical analysis of CEOs and break-out companies of all time
  • Mote, Float, Stewardship and Earning Calls
  • Telsa’s goal from 100 g wH to 1000-2000 g WH (potential)
  • TuSimple’s long-range Class 8 Superheavy Southwest and Northeast routes
  • Average cost of return trip to West coast is barely break-even, compared to west coast to east logistic.
  • Mass production ramp, and large scale part stamping manufacturing is difficult to setup
  • There is no copy-paste for factory setup in new regions due to logistical and supply chain differences by region, in addition pre-mass production concepts are easy; mass manufacturing is hard. (re: graphical design and concept product pumpers)
  • Trend is your friend (trading volatility, volume and direction).
  • Betterment SRI Investment Strategy, Self-Directed IRA LLC, and Investing Your 401k into Crypto

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