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With a proven track-record to continuously innovate, as well pivot vision, features and monetization, this lens-technology company, and close-friendship cultivator social media platform, has more pros than cons in 2021. Having learned a tremendous about himself, running a tech and public company, teams, and even relationships in the course of the passed 3-4 years, the company leadership has demonstrated exceptional ability to navigate the market and most important stay ahead of the ball. With XR Creative Studio and hardware, Snapchat gives advanced and amateur creators the tools to dream-up a new industry (which as been fruitful and mutliplying ever since XR/VR technology costs, accessibility, and usability factors improved).


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  1. Despite the recent ad revenue disappointment stemming from Apple privacy changes, we believe that SNAP remains well positioned to execute on XR strategy that’s growing to be the most promising unrealized revenue potential yet. While Facebook’s Metaverse is a massive digital land-grab on the Horizon, yet with the release of the Rayban collaboration this year it only still proves Snap’s innovative future-facing engineering over it’s competitor in this space. Excited to see what Snap does with VR Creator Studios as long as Snap’s people can continue to capitalize on developing deep culture with key demographics (globally).

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